Ferrari F40

Who doesn’t want the legendary Ferrari F40 in his living room, office or showroom as decoration. Based on the orginal wind tunnel model used in the Ferrari factory for testing.
This completely hand built model is highly detailed. The air intakes, spoilers and mirrors are very acurately scaled down and feature a lot of details. The bucket seats and the dashboard give the junior car a finishing touch.

Beware that this exclusive model can only be used for decoration purposes. Unlike many others on our site, this one doesn’t have an engine.
Throughout the years only 5 junior cars like this have been built. This makes it a stable investment for the future.

The original Ferrari F40 was made to celebrate the 40 years existance of the Ferrari brand and featured a v8 2936cc engine. The topspeed was 320km/h and went from 0 to`100 km/h in 3.2 seconds!
When the car came out in the year 1987 it was one of the fastest street legal cars. In 1989 the F40 was adapted to be able to drive on the circuit, this car was called the F40 Competizione and had a topspeed of 367 km/h with it’s 700 hp engine.


lxWxH: 165x77x45 cm.
ca. 45 kg.

This high end juniorcar falls into the price segment above €3500