Totally in mint condition and that for a Porsche 911 Sc from 1988! Now in our showroom and a must for the real collector. You do not find them that original anymore,  almost 30 years old and new. Call us for information, this Porsche belongs to the higher price segment. With kind collectors regards, JuniorDreamCars

2 Beautiful Bentley’s pedal cars from the Brookland museum in England. Normally I try to concentrate purely on juniorcars with an engine but these bentleys are so detailed that I could not let this stand. 1 body of aluminum the other of wood. Made in a very limited edition at the end of the nineties (about… View Article

In the middle of the summer we could pick up in Belgium this unique Ferrari 348 Agostini from 1995. Why unique because the car is brandnew and never driven. An exclusive children’s car where the tires still contain the original dots. In addition, the original heavy cardboard box for transport was also included. With stickers… View Article


Back in the late 80’s the F40 was specially designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary. Our junior F40 has the same nostalgic feeling as the original has.


Two new lotus variants!


A unique art piece.

After a long search we found a BMW 328 De la Chapelle junior car! It is fitted with a Subaru 170cc four-stroke engine and was handmade in France. This is an example of true craftsmanship.


The dodge tomahawk motor!


Hand made from aluminium, a real artpiece!


We are proud of this restorated Ferrari.


Our own classics between the real classics!


Austin J40, the most popular peddle car in the world


A Ferrari has to be red!


De Lotus F1 junior car is finally ready after two years of testing!