Agostini 911 ’86

The one and only Agostini 911 Junior was produced in 1986 in Italy.

In the eighties, Agostini released two models with a real Moto Morini engine in the rear. The Porsche 911 was produced in white, silver, and red. These are very rare and tricky to find in original condition. Often the original air-cooled engine is broken because it sits behind the seat and doesn’t get proper cooling.

  • Every racing lover’s dream. A joy for young and old.
  • Favored collectible, due to low volume production
  • Not just for decoration, definitely an investment of fixed value

Would you like to hear this 1985’s Agostini’s authentic sound or just see the children’s car in real life, please contact us. You will be welcome.

Price €9500 ( no VAT)


ca. 83 cc.
Electric 12V
Length: 215 cm, width: 87 cm, height: 65 cm

This high end juniorcar is available starting at €10.750