Austin J40

The Austin J40 is perhaps one of the best-known pedal cars in the world. The car has the distinctive round shapes that give many children a twinkle in their eyes. In fact, hardly any kid would not want to be seen in it. With a very solid pedal system and a spacious entry, this car is a true gem.

After I had sold my collection of traditional pedal cars in the past, one of them was left in the living room: the J40. Simply because it has so much charisma with its elegant chrome hubcaps and beautiful grill. I just couldn’t part with it and I still use it on sunny days to take the kids from the neighborhood for a spin.

Its 10-inch pneumatic tires allow it to ride noiselessly and fast. Up to 15 kilometers per hour, or about 9 miles per hour. Thanks to its steel body the Austin is indestructible and easily repaired when damaged. For the fans, complete descriptions of repair projects can be found online. Parts are newly produced so you can keep your Austin in tip-top shape.

The Austin J40 was not only used as a pedal car but also placed on carrousels or used as kiddy rider. Furthermore, it was a favored item for hairdressers with a lot of young customers. Still, nearly every year, parents and grandparents take their (grand)children to the Austin factory’s original test course to drive in competitions.

The car’s popularity is so big that race teams show up at the start with specially prepared J40s.


Production date
1949 - 1971
L 160 cm, W 69 cm, H 56 cm
43 kg
6Volt battery with working horn and headlights
Styled dashboard
Dunlop pneumatic tires