Cobra 1 Blue

The Cobra earned its popularity by its fierce look. This junior sports car is no less than its big brother. Its wide grill and basic stylish aluminum 10-inch wheels are distinctive. This model is a great addition to your collection of children’s cars with a gasoline engine. The cars exclusiveness is guaranteed and the finish is extremely detailed. Building this car has cost more than 450 man-hours. It is a very advanced model made form quality materials.

The Cobra 1 has a braking system that halts the car in no time and is cushioned all round, which guarantees comfort. The 110 CC engine is in the front. This 3-gear semi-automatic makes driving a pure joy. The technical quality pedal system is adjustable, which makes it possible for adults of up to 190 cm to drive the car.

The vehicle behavior is astounding. With a top speed of 70 km per hour or 43 miles per hour, it feels like being in a real car. The car can be tuned back to ca. 8 km or 5 miles per hour. Bumps are completely subdued by the independent cushioning. The ventilated brake discs with Brembo calipers dose the speed of the braking. A lot of high-end junior car builders have examined the Cobra, but this is the undisputed number one and a very solid investment for the future.

If you have a showroom for classic cars, this model makes a beautiful addition. You will be surprised by the amount of positive reactions you will get from your customers.


110CC, 4-stroke, maximum rpm: 8500
Power: ca. 5.0 kwh
3 front gears, 1 rear, Semi-automatic
70 km/uur.
Gewicht2 cm.
ca. 210 kg.
Lengte 260 cm. , breedte 98 cm, hoogte 82 cm.
Geventileerde schijfremmen met Brembo remklauwen
3 voorwaarts, 1x naar achteren.
Bumpers & grill
Gepolijst RvS
Hoogwaardig polyester, met 2K verf systeem afgewerkt.
Volledig gecoate staal, zeer stijf en torsie bestendig.
Aluminium met hout afgezet
Aluminium wielen 10 inch, RvS wieldoppen
LED verlichting, richtingaanwijzers & claxon.

This high end juniorcar is available starting at €18.250