This piece of art was made 20 years ago in honor of the legendary D-type by a talented artist. Truly a unique piece of art and made up of steel plates. The proportions closely resemble the real D-type. The weld seams and clinch bolts give this piece a unique feeling. The raw looks give this classic race car a special nostalgic feeling.

The race car aquired fame through its aerodynamic lines and was especially built for racing. With a 3.4 and later on a 3.8 motor, the D-type won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957. At the 1000 km of Buenos Aires, the car also competed in the front lines. Its topspeed was about 172.8 mph (very extreme for that time).

For the investor/enthousiast of racing this really is a top investment. It would be a real eyecatcher in a classic car dealers showroom. In 2008 a real D-type was sold for a little more than £2.200.000. It is said that today its value might be around £5.500.000.
If you want this gem in your showroom, office or in your house, please contact us. The car is determined to be in the higher price-range.


260x110x95 cm

This high end juniorcar is available starting at €17.500