Jeep all road junior

Jeep junior allroad what more do we have to say?
Rock-solid and a design that you can’t get enough of.
This junior car has proven to us what a top jeep.
Electrically powered by a 1200Watt motor, pulling power enough to make 2 adults smile.
No slope is too crazy and what a handling.
Many high-end children’s cars are allowed to test and this is one that does not disappoint at all.
Top speed for when you want to be on the other side of your terrain for a while 45km / h.
2-3 hours of driving is no problem on the total 160Ampere battery.

Just like our Land junior, it is a real do-it-all.
As shown here with extra spare wheel € 16.950
If you want to test it with us, you are welcome by appointment.

For the little boy / tough girl, this children’s car can be limited to, for example, 10 km / h.
Age from 5 years-80

Greet a child car collector through and through


Electric 1200 W,
Disc brakes all around
Paint coating
Full 2K paint Dupont
Independent suspension
45 km/h

This high end juniorcar is available starting at €16950