Jeep Junior Offroad

What a power this Jeep Junior radiates!
When we are lost in thought and we think of a Jeep, there can only be one.
This legend was born in WW2 and can still stand up to this day.
His Offroad capabilities are overwhelming.
Whether you sit next to each other as a child or with 2 adults, he goes!
Powered by a very strong 1200W electric motor with sufficient battery capacity to drive around at full throttle for a long time.

A handling that they envied in the 1940s.
Braking capacity is superfluous due to the 4x ventilated disc brakes controlled by Brembo calipers.

The maximum speed is infinitely adjustable. Max speed 50km / h.

This vintage offroad juniorcar is our preference, good for years of maintenance-free driving around.
Now in stock in our showroom in Amstelveen.

Make a test round? No problem. You are welcome by appointment.

Price € 16.950 including 21% VAT.

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Electric 48Volt, 1200W

This high end juniorcar is available starting at €16950