Land Junior

The Land Junior may well be the most loved off road car of the 50s!
With its blunt shapes, it has made many a heart beat faster.
Strong in the terrain and can still compete with many modern 4-wheel drive cars in the rough terrain.
This half scale icon is a masterpiece!
Equipped with a heavy electric motor of 1200W and 4 batteries of 12 volts of 40 Amps each.
Driving for 2-3 hours is no problem and the top is around 45 km / h.
With its speed limiter which can be set to, for example, max 10 km / h, it is fine to drive by children from 5-6 years.
The ventilated disc brakes ensure a short braking distance.
Even in really rough terrain, this children’s car is perfect to drive!

If you are looking for something that is actually driven on your own property, this junior children’s car is the best choice.

Price from € 16.950


Electric 1200W, 48V
Approx. 200 kg
4x 12Volt and 40A each.
208 cm. long, 95 cm. wide, 103 cm. high

This high end juniorcar is available starting at €16.950