Mercedes 500SL mini Lorinser

The Mercedes 500SL mini made by Lorinser was a top specimen in the eighties.
It is not without reason that this children’s car was delivered directly through Mercedes dealers.
The original Mercedes badges on the car made it a true collector’s item.
The Mercedes star on the steering wheel, Mercedes star on the tailgate and grill were standard.
As well as the Mercedes logo on the hood.
Powered by a Honda 3HP 4 stroke engine which was ingeniously placed under the tailgate.
2 forward gears, 1 backward.
What made this exclusive Mercedes so unique was the fact that it had a clutch that you had to press when shifting.
So if you wanted to teach your child how to drive, this was the implementation.
Just like the real Mercedes type W109, the children’s car had a rear wheel drive.

Speed was limited to 25 km / h, car weight 70 kg.

The patina version from 1984 with number 848 continues to attract your attention.
Sorry not for sale.


Honda 3PK , 4 stroke