Series 1, petrol engine

The Series 1 is one of the most popular sports cars from the 1960s.
Also JDC can not ignore what an icon.
As a junior car, it has been made in such detail that many cannot distinguish it from its big brother.
With its 240 cm. long body it is a true work of art.
Especially if you open the hood and look under the hood.
There you will find a 120CC 4 stroke engine that performs great.
A small 70 km / h is easily achievable with a road holding that many modern cars are jealous of.
Stainless steel bumpers which are completely shiny polished.
And a solid aluminum gearshift. These are the details that you hardly see on children’s cars.

Basic price € 19.250 incl VAT
excl. the stainless steel wire wheels with which this icon is assembled.

This exclusive children’s car is also in our showroom.
Directly available!


Petrol , 4 stroke 120CC

This high end juniorcar is available starting at €19.250